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In the dynamic world of retail, customer experience and data security are paramount. Retailers are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance convenience, streamline operations, and protect sensitive information. ID scan and biometrics solutions have emerged as game-changers, offering a unique opportunity to revolutionize the retail industry. Explore the cutting-edge solutions that are shaping the future of retail, from personalized shopping experiences to advanced security measures.

Next-Gen Retail Solutions

As the retail industry evolves, embracing the latest technological advancements becomes imperative for staying ahead of the competition. ID scan and biometrics solutions represent not just innovations, but the future of retail. By integrating these advanced technologies, retailers can offer enhanced customer experiences, personalized shopping, and robust security measures, all essential elements in today’s digital age where convenience and trust are paramount.

CentralAMS leads the charge with cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize the retail landscape. Our innovative approach enables retailers to exceed customer expectations while ensuring robust security measures. With features such as same-password login and biometric verification at the time of payment, CentralAMS empowers retailers to create seamless and secure shopping experiences, driving success in an ever-evolving retail landscape.




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Customer Experience

Say goodbye to long checkout lines and cumbersome loyalty cards. Biometrics with facial recognition  scanning, enable frictionless and secure customer identification. Shoppers can simply smile or touch to pay, saving time and reducing hassle.

Personalized Shopping

Retailers can use biometric data to build detailed customer profiles, understanding preferences and shopping habits. This enables the delivery of personalized product recommendations, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting sales.

Secure Transactions

Our innovative offerings go beyond traditional payment methods. With features like secure facial login, validation, and secure access to accounts and payment methods, we safeguard against potential threats such as account takeover. Additionally, our solutions extend to employee management, providing comprehensive support to streamline operations and enhance security across your business.

Loss Prevention and
Inventory Control

Retailers can use biometrics to control access to restricted areas, preventing unauthorized access to stockrooms, sensitive data, and secure locations, thus reducing theft and ensuring data security.

Age Verification

In industries like alcohol and tobacco, ID scanning ensures legal compliance by accurately verifying the age of customers, helping retailers avoid costly fines and legal consequences.

Loss Prevention and
Fraud Detection

Biometrics help prevent employee theft and fraud by accurately verifying the identity of staff members during transactions or inventory handling.

Managing food delivery services

Managing tickets for in venue dining, take out and food delivery services can become a hinderance – collecting payments, processing, etc. We have worked with restaurants to build solutions that work for them, based on their existing technology. Making it easier and more efficient in processing the different types of orders – without disturbing the in dining experience, while gaining take out and delivery profitable.


We build custom solutions based on your needs.


user authentication

Protect both your digital and physical operations with CentralAMS’ cutting-edge Face Unlock with Passkey solution, eradicating the need for cumbersome usernames and passwords.

  1. With our groundbreaking FIDO 2 process, you can effortlessly incorporate this innovation into your current SSO systems, including Ping, Okta, and Azure Active Directory.
  2. Our system offers seamless biometric authentication, with or without a passkey, and best of all is exempt for privacy laws such as GDPR and BIPA..
  3. Rest easy knowing that zero biometric data is ever generated, stored, or processed, and no user image leaves their device.
  4. Lightning-fast and precise biometric matching and search capabilities, even across vast gallery sizes, all while maintaining complete user anonymity.





  • Loyalty Membership
  • Frictionless Customer Experience
  • Mobile Shopping Apps
  • Online Account Access
  • Returns and Exchanges
  • Inventory Control
  • Employee Time and Attendance
  • Account Access Fraud – Access to Payments
  • Eliminate Usernames and Passwords – Secure Access
  • Employee Management

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Consolidate your payment processes seamlessly with our unified platform, offering direct gateway and processing services for all major credit cards, debit cards, and a variety of digital wallets. Elevate your retail business with comprehensive solutions for both in-store and online transactions. Take advantage of custom retail solutions. Find Savings Now.

know your customer

KYC technology with effective management of sanctions and exclusion lists is imperative for retail businesses to comply with regulations, mitigate risks, prevent fraud, enhance security, build customer trust, streamline operations, and navigate the complexities of global markets. Discover More.

id validation

While the specific needs for ID validation may vary depending on the type of retail business, the overarching goal is to enhance security, comply with regulations, prevent fraud, and ensure a smooth and trustworthy shopping experience for customers. Explore Our Features.

id scan

While ID scanning can provide various benefits, retailers need to consider customer privacy concerns and adhere to applicable laws and regulations. The implementation of ID scanning should align with the overall customer experience strategy to avoid any negative impact on customer satisfaction. See the Benefits.

fhe secure biometrics

Implement world’s leading decentralized fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) biometrics for a secure, private and streamlined customer experience through Facial Recognition. Deploy across the enterprise, for back-of-house and front-of-house applications, with highest confidence of security in mind. Uncover the Possibilities.

applicable retail solutions

personalized customer recognition

  • Biometric Scan of customer as they enter the store
  • Meet and Greet with a Name

Loyalty Program Enrollment and Access

  • Biometric Scan to register and access application
  • Age Estimator to target market based on age group
  • ID Scan for accurate collection of data

Age restricted products

  • Biometric Secure Face Scan
  • ID Scan to accurately collect Data
  • ID Validation to ensure ID is real
  • Face Match to ID to ensure they match

Loss Prevention & Access Control

  • Biometric Secure Face Scan
  • Reduce risk of theft and unauthorized access

Returns and Exchanges

  • Biometric Secure Face Scan to tie to loyalty account
  • Reduce fraud and streamline processes

Customer Verification for Click and Collect

  • Scan Biometric to verify the identity of customers picking up online orders in-store

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